Favorite Apps: 1Password

Being a nerd, I have more login credentials than I’d care to count, and I’m also aware of how important it is to have strong passwords. 1Password is the best password management solution I’ve come across.

The problem with passwords is one of quality versus quantity: you don’t want to use the same password for every website, but you also need to be able to remember all of your passwords so you don’t get locked out of your accounts. That’s where 1Password comes in.

1Password acts as a database for all of your login credentials. It generates very strong passwords and stores all of them for you, and it can even log you into your favorite sites automatically. The only password you need to remember is your Master Password. Once you input your Master Password, you can have access to all of your private data. Thus, you don’t need to remember your Gmail password, your Facebook password, your Twitter password, etc. The most secure password is the one you don’t know.

You may ask what good that is, since if someone knew your Master Password, they’d be able to access all of your information. But 1Password also supports pass phrases, which allows you to create a Master Password consisting of a random group of words, making it very difficult to hack.

We see people’s Facebook and Twitter accounts get hacked all the time. If you’re worried about the security of your online identities, 1Password is the professional solution. I use it on my Mac, iPhone, and iPad, and it’s one of my favorite apps. Once you try it — even if you don’t think you need it — you’ll feel much better knowing your login credentials are safe and secure.