Put This On: The Shady Series

The guys over at Put This On are halfway through their Shady Series, which is all about sunglasses:

Although many people think of sunglasses only as a summer accessory, they’re actually important year-round. You should wear them in the fall whenever it’s clear and sunny, and in the winter when glare is reflected off of the snow. In both cases, proper sunglasses will provide important protection for your eyes.

Thus, a good friend of mine, Agyesh Madan, and I thought we’d publish a special five-part series on sunglasses. Together, we’ll discuss how to determine quality and what models you should consider. We’ll also cover how you can choose an appropriate pair of frames, as well as how to maintain your glasses once you get them.

I’ve been wearing the same pair of sunglasses since I was probably 17, so I’m looking forward to taking their advice when I invest in some grownup eyewear.