A Bag of Holding

Michael Lopp has a big post about his new backpack:

My bag needs to walk a delicate line between form and function. I need it to elegantly contain my various nerd crap, but I don’t need to broadcast to the world that, yes, not only am I sporting my nerd gear, I also have a back-up of the aforementioned gear because I’ve built in redundancy. That’s how I roll. I’m a nerd.

He’s using a Tom Bihn Smart Alec, which looks very nice. I’ve always used backpacks, having never been able to bring myself to go the way of the manpurse. I have a couple backpacks in rotation now, but I don’t really love any of them. I’ve been thinking about investing in a Goruck, but after reading Rands’ post, I’ll be giving the Smart Alec some thought as well.