SEO for Non-dicks

Matt Legend Gemmell talks about SEO for Non-dicks:

The key thing to understand is that the rules of SEO aren’t magic or arbitrary. They’re based on the goals of a search engine, which is to find relevant results. Relevance implies genuineness, and genuineness implies trust. So, shockingly, you should try to make your site’s content trustworthy, genuine and relevant. All of the rules have come about due to their utility in detecting those three positive metrics. Good SEO is a by-product of not being a dick on the internet.

I first brought up the topic of SEO on this website in my post, Fine Writers & Content Creators. Since the site is so young, I’m still learning, but my goal is to use SEO without forcing it to the detriment of my integrity as a writer.

I love Matt’s last paragraph:

Stop wilfully conflating optimisation with being a slimy liar. Stop being a dick on the internet. Write something interesting, and keep doing it for months and years. SEO will then follow naturally.

I find that comforting. Writing for real people, not search engines, is my strength. I’m starting to realize that I do need to be aware of SEO, but not to the point where it becomes more important than writing genuine, thoughtful articles.

Via Marco Arment