Fantastic 4

Shawn Blanc:

I have now owned my iPhone 4 since the summer of 2010. And it blows all of those past phones out of the water. Sometimes I wonder if I ever even owned a cell phone before I owned an iPhone, and the 4 is the greatest iPhone to date.

I feel the same way. My iPhone 4 is sixteen months old, which is forever in technology time, and I’m still just as satisfied as I was the first time I laid eyes on that Retina display.

Unless AT&T suddenly goes out of their way to offer me a sweet upgrade deal, I won’t be buying an iPhone 5 this year, and while I’m sure it’s going to look great when it’s announced on Tuesday, I’ll still have just as much love for my iPhone 4.

I approve of all of Shawn’s bullet points, but you can also read my own why-I-love-my-iPhone post here.