Bending the Stiffest Arrow

J. Eddie Smith, IV:

To get up smiling when the universe hits me in the mouth. To make something out of nothing, even if that something exists in a reality known only to me. To defy the Second Law as many times as I can before it beats me for good.

To be an anomalous crook on the arrow of time.

I wish I wrote that.

It’s a mantra for myself and for this website: we have control over almost nothing except our minds and how they deal with the world.

Simplicity is one way to combat the complexity of the universe. The more moving parts something has, the more likely one of them is to break. I keep my workflow simple so I can get more things done in more places, rather than be debilitated by a missing tool or a foreign location. If something contributes more complexity than harmony to my life, it gets simplified or eliminated.

The more simplicity, the less friction. The less friction, the less struggle. The less struggle, the more inner peace.