Crush On Radio: A Weekly Podcast About Being a Music Fan

I love music.

You love music.

Well, guess what!

Today, I’m psyched to announce Crush On Radio: a weekly podcast about being a music fan.

The show is hosted by Richard J. Anderson of Sanspoint, Matt Keeley of Kittysneezes, and me!

Our first episode, “Passionately and Ineloquently”, went live yesterday morning:

In this inaugural episode, we talk about the show, ourselves, and how we became music fans. Specifically, we’re talking about “the band(s) that ruined us,” learning to actively listen, picking up instruments, the intersection of novelty music and experimental music, and the passing of MCA of The Beastie Boys.

New To Us this week, are Grimes, Sharon Van Etten, and Propaganda. New To You are The Fatima Mansions, Morphine, and Peter Ivers.

You can listen to the show here or on iTunes!

I had a great time recording the show with Rich and Matt, and I’ve already spent hours rocking out to new music thanks to their exquisite tastes. We’re planning on making Crush On Radio the most awesome podcast of all time, so this is your chance to join us as we embark on our musical journey.

If you love music… if you’re looking for new, amazing artists and songs… if you think we have the sexiest voices you’ve ever laid ears on… you should listen right now.



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