Crush On Radio #8: "Pleasant Enough Wallpaper"

Our herculean eighth episode:

This week, a Siracusa-length episode on how, where, and when we listen to music. Also, followup on the Rush/Ayn Rand connection, MP3 versus FLAC, vinyl versus digital, how much cassettes and the cassette revival suck, who has the biggest iTunes library, audiophile nonsense and Monster Cables, audio hardware, buying through iTunes versus Amazon, Peter Serafinowicz, Andrew’s new band, Rich’s publicly making a fool of himself, and Matt preparing to head to the Land of Ports for a wedding.

Picks this week: Rush, Hot Chip, and Tara Busch – First Girl on Mars.

Matt’s heading to Portland this week, so we’re going to be featuring some special guests on the next couple of episodes. Be sure to tune in.

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