Crush On Radio #5: "Full Price or from the Dollar Bin?"

This week, we inflict upon you… Crush On Radio Episode 5!

In this Siracusa-length episode, the Crush On Radio crew talk about special editions, remastered albums, bonus tracks, and all the things that drive the completionist in us up the wall. We also chat about recent and upcoming shows we’re attending, Victor Wooten, bands injecting politics into shows, bands you respect but aren’t really into, stereo versus mono versions of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and The Beach Boys albums, how silly concept albums are on paper (or in the case of Rick Wakeman, in actuality), and how much you really need to listen to Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. Because you do.

Picks this week are: The Flaming Lips, Mike Watt, and Mr. Unloved.

They say girth is more important than length.

Fortunately, we have both.

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