See the Bumblebees

The house where I live is right next to the local middle school, so the backyard is essentially two tremendous soccer fields. I’ve been taking advantage of the new environment with lots of barefoot sprints and pull-ups and chin-ups on the goal posts. It’s hot out there.

The fields are covered in thistles, which a great many honeybees take pleasure in. When you’re running as hard and as fast as you can with workout music raging in your headphones, it’s easy not to notice them.

But as I finished my workout the other day and collapsed to my knees in the grass, I spotted one buzzing nearby. My heart was pounding, and my legs were on fire, and there was seemingly no oxygen in the vicinity. But as I knelt there, gasping for air, I noticed this bumblebee, hopping from thistle to thistle. And as I watched him, I noticed another doing his own dance. And another, and another. And after a moment I could see all of the bumblebees dancing together in the grass under an infinite blue sky.

And so I noticed that sometimes, we need to stop running to notice things.

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