Introducing QLE 2.0

Today, I'm pleased to reveal version 2.0 of Quarter-Life Enlightenment.

QLE has always been lovingly powered by Squarespace. Over the years, I've made many attempts on many platforms to build an online presence, all of which ended in frustration and abandonment. Squarespace is the only service that allowed me to create a website that looked exactly the way I wanted. The ease and fun of building QLE 1.0 encouraged me to populate it with my own writing. I found my place. No other platform has helped me build something beautiful and then gotten out of the way so that I could do the work I love.

QLE 2.0 is built using Squarespace 6, which was recently unveiled as a completely new product independent from the already awesome Squarespace 5. I'll spare you the details, but suffice it to say that it's an incredible service. Squarespace 6 is powerful, gorgeous, and fun to use. I recommend it to anyone looking to build a professional online presence.

You'll notice a few changes in QLE 2.0:

  • An all-new design, courtesy of Squarespace 6's wonderful templates.
  • The site title is now set in Hero. Headers are set in Bitter. Body text is in Open Sans. Please note that fonts are subject to change.
  • The Start Here, Who?, and Contact pages from QLE 1.0 have all been merged into the Colophon.
  • The ZenGeek Podcast has its own link in the navigation bar.
  • Metadata, including dates, categories, and sharing options, has been moved to the bottom of each post.
  • You can now Like posts on QLE. Simply click the little heart icon in the bottom left corner of a post. Try it. It's fun. You'll giggle.
  • The sidebar is now on the left and has been updated to include the push-up counter for August. You'll also find the QLE VIP Mailing List sign-up form there, followed by links to me elsewhere on the Internet.
  • The search bar is now at the bottom of the page.
  • Squarespace 6 supports external linking. Because of this functionality, I'll be featuring the occasional link to something I consider worth your time. Link posts will be denoted by a "»" symbol to indicate that clicking will take you away from the site.
  • The site's favicon will remain unchanged for the time being in memory of QLE 1.0 and until I make a new one.
  • Squarespace 6 features ultra-fancy responsive design. Be sure to visit on your mobile devices.

As with any new release, we're not without a few rough edges, and I'll be ironing those out in the coming days. If you see anything broken or offensive, please let me know.

I hope you enjoy the new redesign, and as always, thank you for reading.

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