I Resolve to Be Extraordinary

This year, I'll turn twenty-six.

Throughout my twenties, I've been concerned with living the most peaceful life possible, not externally, but internally. I have always sought a state of mind free from the bonds of competition, fear, and envy. In my pursuit, I have failed as often as I have succeeded, but in doing so I have gotten better. I have learned.

I realize that what I know now is the result of every moment that has lead me to this point. I am grateful for each of them. They have taught me what matters.

In 2013, many more moments will happen. Some will be joyful. Some will be terrible. Some will be long awaited. Some will be unexpected. All will contribute to who I am this time next year and for the rest of my life. I am eager to find out.

But as always, it is not the moments themselves, but how I deal with them that determines who I am.

I cannot control what you think of me. I cannot persuade you to feel what I feel or to believe in what I believe.

You are up to you, and I am up to me.

And so, at the start of a new year, I resolve to be the best possible version of myself. I resolve to do things that fulfill me and remove those that don't. I resolve to love and protect unconditionally those who are closest to me. I resolve to take care of myself so that I may be best equipped to do all of the above.

I resolve to be the person you want to be around.

I will not force things to happen, but rather create circumstances that allow them to. I will not struggle to meet anyone's expectations but my own. I will not fight for anything I don't love.

I will not try to sell you on who I am. Who I am will speak for itself.

I resolve to be me. In doing so, the things that are meant to happen will happen, and the people who are meant to be in my life will be.

I look forward to an extraordinary year.