How to Get Dumped, Change Your Life, and Become a Flawless Human Being

My first yoga experience was a men's class I took while I was working on my master's at Southern Connecticut State University. I loved it, finding the strength and flexibility training an invaluable complement to my years as a martial artist. Once the class ended, I was intrigued at the prospect of continuing at a real yoga school, but always managed to put it off.

Finally, in the face of a bad breakup, I decided to visit Newington Yoga Center, where my dad had been taking classes. It was love at first tadasana.

I'll have been practicing there two years this fall, and like starting karate or buying my first bass, taking that first class in Newington changed my life, and I can't imagine where I'd be without it.

I was privileged, near the end of my first year, to be asked if I'd like to do Teacher Training in 2013. I immediately accepted, and we've just passed the halfway mark this month. It's been an incredible experience.

About a week ago, I was asked if I'd like to write an article about Teacher Training for Elephant Journal.

I often tell my composition students that writing is a process of discovery, and writing this article helped me attain a deeper understanding of why Teacher Training and yoga in general have meant so much to me. I think you'll like it.

Special thanks to my editor, Kate, for dealing with my thoroughness.

Enough #141: "Primal"

This week, I had the privilege of guesting on Patrick Rhone and Myke Hurley’s prestigious audio program, Enough. We talk about the Paleo/Primal lifestyle, barefoot running, and more.

I had a great time recording with Patrick and Myke. They’re both Internet heroes of mine, so being asked to come on the show was a great honor.

It was a really fun conversation, and it’s only about 40 minutes long (unlike certain other podcasts), so I hope you’ll give it a listen.

My sincerest thanks to Patrick and Myke for having me.

Click here to listen to the show!

Required Listening III

Today’s post is my third Required Listening piece over at First Today, Then Tomorrow.

If would mean the world to me if you clicked over and checked it out.

As always, my thanks to Randy for having me and Penny for making sure I sound smart.

Required Listening II

Today’s post is my second contribution to Randy Murray’s excellent Required Listening series, which features great albums you might be missing from your favorite genre.

This record is one of my favorite live albums and concert films, so please click on over to First Today, Then Tomorrow and check it out!

Special thanks to Randy and Penny!

Required Listening

Today, I have the privilege of contributing to Randy Murray’s Required Listening series.

Required Listening discusses great albums you may be missing from your favorite genre. The series has featured wonderful pieces by writers like Patrick Rhone and Penny Mattern, and I’m honored to be featured alongside them.

Randy himself is a professional business writer, and his site, First Today, Then Tomorrow, is one of my favorite blogs. My sincerest thanks to him for this opportunity.

Be sure to click over and check out today’s post, and then stay for Randy’s inspiring thoughts on writing, productivity, and life!

You can read my Required Listening piece here, at First Today, Then Tomorrow.