Crush on Radio, S2E13: Hornographic

If it's been a while since you checked out Crush on Radio, my music podcast with Richard J. Anderson and Matt Keeley, I recommend our latest. We discuss new albums by Franz Ferdinand and John Mayer, plus X-Ray Spex and much more:

This week, a long discussion on separating art and artists, vis-à-vis John Mayer and Kanye West. Also, discussion of our fall concert schedules, the upcoming Long Winters show in NYC, big concert lineups, Adult Album Alternative radio, what is and isn’t “country”, punk vocals, and not much else in this jam-packed episode.

You might just discover your new favorite song. Give it a listen.

Crush On Radio #11: "Not a Phrase You Want to Say"

Our volatile eleventh episode:

Matt returns this week, as the Crush On Radio crew manages to utterly confound each other with their picks. Other topics of discussion include Matt’s recent visit to Portland, alternative comics and vintage porn, agit-pop, the commonality of Radiohead and Neutral Milk Hotel, Paul Thomas Anderson, complexity, density, and length versus quality, French Surrealist plays, unusual vocal styles, and the TV show Archer.

Picks this week are Frank Chickens, Radiohead, and Pere Ubu.

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Crush On Radio #10: "The Internet is a Void"

Our tenth episode is a tour de force:

Rich and Andrew are joined by the brilliant Jonathan Pfeffer of Capillary Action for a rollercoaster ride of a show, talking about being in a band versus being a solo performer in this day and age, the brilliance and horror of Prince, Jeff Mangum’s mythical status, the National, tall singers, setting expectations for music and missing them, the value of criticism, and so much more.

Picks this week are: Prince, Liars, and Neutral Milk Hotel

This is one of my favorite episodes of Crush On Radio. No joke required.

Go forth:

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Crush On Radio #9: "Twenty-One to Forty"

Our napoleonic ninth episode:

With Matt away in Portland, Rich and Andrew are joined by cartoonist, former record store employee and all-around cool guy, Joe Meyer. We touch on No Wave music, Beth Ditto, having John Roderick play in your living room, cover songs, swearing in music, Johnny Cash and Trent Reznor, and a few other things in a remarkably concise episode.

Picks this week: Gossip, Ex Models, and Neil Diamond

Major thanks to Joe for filling in this week in Matt’s absence.

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Crush On Radio #8: "Pleasant Enough Wallpaper"

Our herculean eighth episode:

This week, a Siracusa-length episode on how, where, and when we listen to music. Also, followup on the Rush/Ayn Rand connection, MP3 versus FLAC, vinyl versus digital, how much cassettes and the cassette revival suck, who has the biggest iTunes library, audiophile nonsense and Monster Cables, audio hardware, buying through iTunes versus Amazon, Peter Serafinowicz, Andrew’s new band, Rich’s publicly making a fool of himself, and Matt preparing to head to the Land of Ports for a wedding.

Picks this week: Rush, Hot Chip, and Tara Busch – First Girl on Mars.

Matt’s heading to Portland this week, so we’re going to be featuring some special guests on the next couple of episodes. Be sure to tune in.

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Crush On Radio #7: "Look at Those Tracksuits"

Our lucky seventh episode:

This week, the Crush On Radio brain trust shares their guilty musical pleasures. It feels good to come clean. We also gush mightily over the new collaboration between St. Vincent and David Byrne, talk about podcasts, the band Barcelona as opposed to the other band Barcelona, female pop stars and the messages they send—Katy Perry in particular. You also can find out what Britney Spears and James Joyce have in common…

This week’s guilty, guilty pics are Yes, Eiffel 65, and Pink (or is it P!nk now?).

We had a lot of fun with this episode, and it’s ripe with shameful embarrassment as we discuss our guilty pleasures.

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Crush On Radio #6: "Noodly Hippie"

Our groundbreaking sixth episode:

Our first “all picks” episode! Well, sort of… We share our favorite live albums, and some of your favorite live albums. Also there’s talk about Jonathan Coulton and John Roderick who contributed to the show without realizing, Industrial shows and “laptop syndrome,” getting into DEVO by being thrown in the deep end, recording fidelity, Jaco Pastorius, John Entwistle, Keith Fuckin’ Moon, our favorite concert experiences, and much much more.

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Crush On Radio #5: "Full Price or from the Dollar Bin?"

This week, we inflict upon you… Crush On Radio Episode 5!

In this Siracusa-length episode, the Crush On Radio crew talk about special editions, remastered albums, bonus tracks, and all the things that drive the completionist in us up the wall. We also chat about recent and upcoming shows we’re attending, Victor Wooten, bands injecting politics into shows, bands you respect but aren’t really into, stereo versus mono versions of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and The Beach Boys albums, how silly concept albums are on paper (or in the case of Rick Wakeman, in actuality), and how much you really need to listen to Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. Because you do.

Picks this week are: The Flaming Lips, Mike Watt, and Mr. Unloved.

They say girth is more important than length.

Fortunately, we have both.

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On Crush On Radio | Sanspoint

My Crush On Radio cohost, Richard J. Anderson, tells the story of how our little music podcast came to be:

It’s been great to learn the technical side of things, great to learn about new bands and artists, but just sitting with a glass of water, and chatting with good friends about the things we’re madly passionate about has been the best part. It’s proof that Obsession x Topic x Voice is a great way to make cool stuff. If you like the idea of hearing three complete music nerds talk about their obsessions for over an hour, this show is for you. If you like to hear about cool music you might not know about, the first half of each show is for you. In either case, I hope you’ll tune in.

Me too. I love this thing we’ve made.

Crush On Radio #4: "Fan of the Dan"

Our extraordinary fourth episode:

This week, sleep-deprived blabber about the things that make us like music, as we swing dangerously into the territory of the pretentious. Also, we talk about the concerts Andrew and Rich saw on Friday night, great lyricists, the meaning of groove, technically skilled playing versus emotionally charged playing, vis-à-vis Metal guitarists, and say, Frank Zappa… or even The Shaggs.

Picks this week are Vanilla, Robbie Fulks, and Steely Dan.

Special thanks to Matt for doing the heavy lifting this week.

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Crush On Radio #3: "In and Out of My Wheelhouse"

Have you listened to Episode Three of Crush On Radio yet?

We get up early in the morning to talk about falling in and out of love with bands, with personal stories of our infatuations and de-infatuations with The Dave Matthews Band, Sparks, Pink Floyd, and Moxy Früvous, listening to something you don’t like until you do like it, guitar and drum two-pieces, getting into Industrial Music and our first weekly pick that bombed (only slightly, though.) Picks this week are Umphrey’s McGee, Foetus, and Japandroids.

New episode will be up shortly, so be sure to get this one under your belt.

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Crush On Radio #2: "Get My Feet a Little Wetter"

I’m proud of how this episode turned out. We’re starting to find our groove, the music is great, and we avoided any major Skype issues.

In our landmark second episode, we talk about the ethics of downloading, local record stores, buying music at big box stores, the future of record labels, bootlegs both digital and physical, and go down several ratholes about various bands.

Picks this week are: Laurie Anderson, Gotye, and Chumbawamba.

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Crush On Radio: A Weekly Podcast About Being a Music Fan

I love music.

You love music.

Well, guess what!

Today, I’m psyched to announce Crush On Radio: a weekly podcast about being a music fan.

The show is hosted by Richard J. Anderson of Sanspoint, Matt Keeley of Kittysneezes, and me!

Our first episode, “Passionately and Ineloquently”, went live yesterday morning:

In this inaugural episode, we talk about the show, ourselves, and how we became music fans. Specifically, we’re talking about “the band(s) that ruined us,” learning to actively listen, picking up instruments, the intersection of novelty music and experimental music, and the passing of MCA of The Beastie Boys.

New To Us this week, are Grimes, Sharon Van Etten, and Propaganda. New To You are The Fatima Mansions, Morphine, and Peter Ivers.

You can listen to the show here or on iTunes!

I had a great time recording the show with Rich and Matt, and I’ve already spent hours rocking out to new music thanks to their exquisite tastes. We’re planning on making Crush On Radio the most awesome podcast of all time, so this is your chance to join us as we embark on our musical journey.

If you love music… if you’re looking for new, amazing artists and songs… if you think we have the sexiest voices you’ve ever laid ears on… you should listen right now.



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